Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST Electric Bike

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Tackle the road and ride up the hill. Constructed with bigger wheels for better control and greater power, this model keeps it friendly with a step-thru design made for everyone. Don’t be intimated by strength and bulk.

Extended Range: 35-55 Miles
Load Capacity: 350 Lbs
Powerful Motor: 750W
Strong Power Cells: 48V 16Ah

Smooth Gear Transitions
Our 7-speed derailleur is engineered to provide effortless and seamless gear transitions. Say goodbye to chain drops and frustrating shifts – this derailleur ensures you're always in the right gear

Impact-free Ride
Equipped with state-of-the-art damping and spring systems that absorb shocks and vibrations, delivering a smooth and controlled ride. Adjust &Fine-tune your suspension to match your riding style and terrain.

Seamless Acceleration
Our thumb throttle provides smooth and precise control over your electric bike's power output. Effortlessly accelerate and maintain your desired speed with a simple push of your thumb.

Dual-Bulb Brilliance
Illuminate your path like never before with not one, but two high-intensity bulbs. This headlight offers double the brightness, casting a powerful beam that cuts through darkness

Exceptional Power Transfer
Our 44T/48T crankset is engineered for maximum power transfer from your legs to the pedals, with perfect synergy on all PAS levels.

Precision Control
Sleek and compact design not only complements aesthetics but also reduces clutter on your handlebars, providing a clean and unobstructed riding experience

Superior Comfort
The soft and supple leather offers a comfortable and cushioned grip, reducing fatigue during long rides and ensuring a pleasant riding experience

Functional Decor:
Crafted from premium wood, the rack features a beautifully finished wood plank that not only holds your bags securely but also adds a rustic and timeless charm to any environment

Frame Size



Rider Height 5'6" ~ 6'8" 5'2" ~ 6'4"
Reach 15.7" 15.7"
Standover Height 19.8" 19.8"
Wheelbase 44.8" 44.8"
Min Saddle Height 31.9" 30.4"
Max Saddle Height 40.9" 39.4"
Total Length 73.7" 73.7"
Handlebar Height 44.9" 44.9"
Seat Tube 16.5" 15.0"

Battery 48V 19.6Ah
Charger 54.6V 3.0A
Speed Class Level 1(10mph)
Level 2(15mph)
Level 3(20mph)
Level 4(25mph)
Level 5(28mph)
Weight 71 lbs
Range 35~55miles
Motor 750W
Payload Capacity 350 lbs