FreeRider Napa Electric Bicycle

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Napa Valley is known for its tasty wine and beautiful vineyard. Carry our NAPA anywhere feel casual to slow down your life. Design not only for feel causal also suitable for city commuters. It makes it easier to haul and more accessible to commute to a smooth, comfortable riding experience in every corner of the city and valley.

FreeRider NAPA is the first electric bike to FreeRider lineup to build excellent values with high-quality components of an e city bike.

Powered by an integrated 630Wh rechargeable li-ion battery and 80Nm of torque, NAPA accelerates quickly and can reach 150 miles on a single charge.

The front suspension and 80mm fork with lockout offer the most outstanding values in its class. The design, performance, riding dynamics help you pedaling effortlessly into this new approach to FreeRider values.

Pedal-assist motor is located by your pedals. They provide a stable center of gravity, easily shift on hills, and feel natural while pedaling.  The drive system’s huge 80 Nm of torque makes it easy to fly up the climbs time after time.​​​The more you pedal, the more power you get it—silky pedaling, silent ride.

The front suspension fork offers 80mm of travel, preload adjustment, and lockout.  It absorbs even the tough terrain and provides you with a level of ride comfort you never thought possible out there on the trail.

The battery is fully hidden in the frame for protection, makes it easy to remove the battery without tools and let you mount a water bottle cage.  We use an integrated 630Wh battery capacity that makes it easier to take along and charge up.

No matter the wet and muddy, the disc brakes offer the strongest stopping power in all conditions.

NAPA comes with a 4-inch display and an elegant controller to adjust your pedal assist settings and check your distance and battery. Your headlight can be turned on by the controller, too.

With five support modes and one battery, you ride further than others
Eco mode - Up to 160 miles
Tour mode - Up to 110 miles
Tour Plus mode - Up to 85 mile
Sport mode - Up to 65 miles
Turbo mode - Up to 40 miles