Aima Big Sur Matte Black Eike

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Big Sur is a 26 x 4” fat tire all-terrain e-bike, equipped with a powerful 750W Bafang rear hub motor. Big Sur is Class 2/3, meaning it'll take you up to 20mph using the throttle, and 28mph while pedaling. A specially-designed big headlight, extra-large 203mm brake rotors, LG 21700 battery cells, and a full UL2849 certification make Big Sur one of the safest e-bikes on the market. Sporting a bigger 52T crankset for stability at speed and a custom AIMA Comfort XL seat, Big Sur provides riders with a remarkably comfortable and smooth riding experience.

Big saddle - engineered for ultimate satisfaction.
Sized comfortably at 280mm X 270mm

Big rotor - Smooth brake stops make for a safer ride
203mm diameter rotor; over 10% larger than most other rotors

Big headlight - a safer ride, no matter day or night
100mm diameter + 100 LUX Brightness; nearly triple the size of normal bike headlights

Big crankset - avoiding ghost pedaling and pedal less at a higher speed
52T crankset; beter speed capabilities

Big batteries - More power for bigger riders
EV level 21700 battery cell from LG.
Experience powerful rides with the same battery cells that power Tesla

Motor Power: 750W
Range: up to 60 miles
Top Speed: 28 MPH
Responsive: Thumb Throttle
Safe: Horn and Brake Light
Charging Port: USB

Hub Motor and Battery
The powerful 750W rear hub motor with a 48V15Ah high-capacity integrated battery will take you to those far-to-reach places and discover more of what’s out there.

Torque Sensor
The torque sensor is the next-generation transmission technology that recognizes your pedaling effort, meets you where you’re at, and amplifies your output, conserving battery life and extending riding range.

Full Color Backlit LCD Display
The Full Color Display gives all the important metrics you need, including speed, distance traveled, pedal assist level, and more.

26” x 4” Fat Tire
26” x 4’’ means wherever there’s adventure, our Big Sur will find it

Suspension Fork
A suspension fork with up to 80mm of travel means there’s plenty of room for comfort off the beaten path.

Fender & Rear Rack
Pre-installed fenders will keep you protected on those rugged routes, in any weather, while an included rear rack means you can carry all that you need wherever the road takes you.

Flat Position Welding
The most advanced aluminum frame exclusive welding process is applied to do flat position welding on the whole bike frame, so that the surface of the frame is not only strong and durable, but also smooth and flat.

Walk Assist
The built-in walk assist function makes it possible to obtain electric power assist even when propelling the e-bike on foot. It further improves the comfort of e-bike in various usage scenarios.

Controller Compartment
The specially designed controller compartment makes the wiring of the electronic control system in the e-bike body more systematic, and at the same time enhances the heat dissipation, ensuring a safer riding on the next level.