Mokwheel Mesa Lite Electric Bike

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Mesa Lite, defining a new chapter in your cycling experience. Simplify your busy life, infuse every ride with ease and joy. Navigate through the city, feel the wind of freedom. Mesa Lite breathes new vitality into your cycling lifestyle.

Extended Range 40-50 Miles
Load Capacity 350 Lbs
Powerful Motor 350W
LG Cells 36V 14.7Ah

LG Battery
Powerful energy storage, high-end LG brand battery. Advanced BMS battery management system, high battery life guarantee.

ZOOM Brake
Engineered for electric bikes, these brakes provide consistent stopping power and heat dissipation. The dual-piston design ensures excellent modulation perfect for high-speed commutes or trail adventures

Independently developed motors with small size, light weight and high power, which have all the advantages of traditional DC motors

Smooth Gear Transitions
Our 7-speed derailleur is engineered to provide effortless and seamless gear transitions. Say goodbye to chain drops and frustrating shifts – this derailleur ensures you're always in the right gear

High-quality aluminum alloy frame
Aluminum is a lightweight material, providing a responsive and efficient transfer of power from the pedals to the wheels, resulting in a lively and easy-to-handle ride.

Seamless Acceleration
Our thumb throttle provides smooth and precise control over your electric bike's power output. Effortlessly accelerate and maintain your desired speed with a simple push of your thumb.

Dual-Bulb Brilliance
Illuminate your path like never before with not one, but two high-intensity bulbs. This headlight offers double the brightness, casting a powerful beam that cuts through darkness

Exceptional Power Transfer
Our 44T crankset is engineered for maximum power transfer from your legs to the pedals, with perfect synergy on all PAS levels.

Integrated Brake Lights:
These taillights are seamlessly integrated into your bike's design, enhancing its aesthetics while maintaining functionality. They automatically brighten when you apply your brakes.

Precision Control
Sleek and compact design not only complements aesthetics but also reduces clutter on your handlebars, providing a clean and unobstructed riding experience

Functional Decor:
The sturdy construction allows you to carry heavy loads. You can use it to secure suitcases, bags, baskets and other items.

Frame Size Large
Rider Height 5'6" ~ 6'6"
Reach 16.9"
Standover Height 29.3"
Wheelbase 43.9"
Min Saddle Height 32.4"
Max Saddle Height 40.8"
Total Length 71.5"
Handlebar Height 44.1"
Seat Tube 17.5"